A TCM Approach To Working With The Elderly And Dementia

In this presentation, Angie Hughes takes us through important differences in treating chronic versus acute disorders in the ageing population. She discusses the memory, the mind, how this is seen in TCM and different ways of looking at memory loss in dementia. This leads into important considerations for intake skills when interviewing the elderly and those clients with some level of dementia and poor cognitive functioning.

Practical considerations are covered in detail, including the treatment of people in wheelchairs, specific distal point protocols and how to design your treatment space to make it accessible to this population specifically.

Goals of the course:

* Understand population and prevalence of the ageing population
* Key issues when working with the elderly and acupuncture
* Information about the aging process from a TCM perspective: Chronic vs acute
* How to manage expectations of treatment results and ideal frequency of treatment
* A guide on treatment planning and special considerations

Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand
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