Acupuncture For The Treatment Of Rheumatic Conditions

With a global aging population, and health services already stretched to treat chronic conditions, acupuncturists around the world should be better prepared to treat conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. In this lecture Angie Hughes discusses aging from a TCM perspective and how the onset and degeneration of rheumatic conditions can be delayed and prevented - if treated early. Bi Syndromes are presented in detail, with a distinction between the often misunderstood different patterns; Hot Bi – Re Bi – Damp Heat Bi , Cold Bi - Tong Bi - Han Bi - Painful Bi, Stubborn Bi – Boney Bi – Wan Bi, Fixed Bi – Zhuo Bi – Shi Bi – Damp Bi.

This lecture is essential for practitioners wishing to understand this complex and ever growing problem.

Goals of the course:

1. Understanding the zang fu responsible for healthy bones, sinews and joints
2. What is rheumatism and rheumatic pain according to TCM
3. What are the six pernicious external pathological factors that cause rheumatism
4. Understanding the different types of Bi Syndrome
5. Treatment protocols used in the treatment of Bi Syndrome

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