Understanding The Foundations Of TCM

Dr Daniel Keown, author of the ground-breaking book "The Spark in the Machine" takes you through a new a refershing view of the foundations of Chinese Medicine. He explores Qi, Channels, Organs and Hormones from a western and eastern medicine perspective, bringing his unique approach, based on his ten years as an Emergency Room Doctor. In this webinar Dr Keown reveals the most extraordinary findings about embryology - including the world's first video showing the electrical currents during embryogenesis in a developing frog.

This is a game-changing webinar. You will be blown away by what is revealed including Daniel's controversial view about Pulse Diagnosis and the Heart as the Emporer according to the Classics of Chinese Medicine.

Goals of the course:

• Understand Qi, Channels, Organs and Hormones from a western medical perspective
• Understand the complexities of embryology and how this relates to acupuncture
• Learn about the endochrine system and how dopamine, serotonin, thyroxin and histamine relate to the yin organs
• Discover that you can see acupuncture channels in the body, these are the facial plans that surgeons use to navigate their way through the body

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