Time-Based Acupuncture

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Course Overview

In this 10-hour online course, the classical time-based acupuncture methods Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa and Ling Gui Ba Fa, and their historical background will be presented. The calculation of “open” acupuncture points for any geographical location at any time will be explained. Different acupuncture strategies regarding the main channels as well as that of the eight extraordinary channels will be explained along with their application in a time-optimized manner. Many exercises with the newly developed tool called the ‘Wheel of Time Acupuncture’ will be explained and demonstrated, and it will enable participants to apply the time-based acupuncture methods in their clinical practice.

In addition, the participants will get an overview of the four pillars of destiny, which form the basis of Ba Zi, a traditional system of metaphysical knowledge.


Access Period: Lifetime

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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