Understanding The Jing Jin For Treating Musculoskeletal Conditions


The jingjin are a network of secondary meridians that form part of the meridian system of Chinese acupuncture. The word "jin" is translated as sinew channels, meridian sinews, muscle channel, muscle conduits, and tendino-muscular meridians. This presentation provides an overview of the published material on the jingjin theory. The possible intentions of the earliest authors are explored along with contemporary approaches to how the jingjin theory may be applied when treating musculoskeletal conditions - based on David’s extensive clinical experience.


Goals of the course:

• Understand how the Jing Jin relates to Tendino-muscular meridians, Sinew channels, Muscle meridians, Muscle conduits and Channel sinews

• Learn about "Anatomy Trains" and how these relate to chains of musculo-tendinous tissue

• Have a greater understanding of the Jing jin meridians described in the early Ma Huang Tui texts • Be introduced to the recommended technique for treating Jing Jin conditions which involves hot needling of ah shi points along a line of stagnation in the muscular system

• Gain a greater understanding of the clinical applications of the jing jin in their daily acupuncture practice


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