Chronic Disease: The Initiating Causes and Downstream Effects

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Course Overview

The goal of this course is to provide a broad overview of the root causes of chronic disease seen today in modern societies. Root causes of disease come from our toxic environment, exposure to infectious agents, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal disruption and imbalanced immunity. These insults create chronic inflammation and oxidative stress that damage cellular function, promoting chronic illness. This discussion will review each causative factor, its impact on health, and current approaches to treatment. It will integrate treatments used in Chinese medicine, Naturopathic medicine and Western medicine. Regardless of the paradigms you offer in your practice, one approach is often limited in therapy. Having multiple skill sets to approach a complex problem offers greater opportunity for restoring health. This course will bridge the East and West to provide a holistic perspective on chronic illness, with clinical pearls that can be applied right away.


Course Objectives

  • Learn about the bodies response to imbalance and damage with inflammation and oxidative stress, and recognizing they are the pathway to diseases.

  • Become familiar with the several causative factors that contribute to the development of chronic disease.

  • Understand current diagnostic approaches to uncovering these influences.

  • Learn about treatment options to remediate each issue.


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