The Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

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  • Treat autoimmune disease using acupuncture protocols including Meridian points, Eight Extra Vessel and Channel Divergent approaches.

  • Prescribe herbal formulas based on both empirically-based symptoms and formulas commonly used in the Japanese Kampo tradition. 

  • Get dietary recommendations and nutritional supplementation.

  • Explore the present explanations of the innate and Chinese concepts of immunity. 

  • Understand the Western model, explaining current theories of the causes and the development of autoimmune disease will be presented.



This course will help you understand potential treatments in Asian medicine for the specific autoimmune organ diseases of Hypo and Hyperthyroidism, Ulcerative Colitis and Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr Butch Levy MD, Dipl. Ac discuss the immune system from a western and eastern perspective. It presents an overview of normal immunity and the initiating causes that can result in immune overactivity and autoimmune disease.

A clarification of the Extra Vessel pulses is emphasized, and an explanation of the six confluences of the Channel Divergents provided.

Dr Levy further discusses treatment options for these referenced diseases: blending acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas integrated with Functional Medicine therapies.

Each of the referenced diseases has a brief integrated discussion, a review of current knowledge and treatments from the Western perspective, followed by detailed acupuncture approaches and specific herbal recommendations for Treatment in the Asian paradigm.

Provider: TCM Academy

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