Grasping Qi & Qigong - Course 1

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Course Overview

Have you ever wanted to understand the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine using modern scientific research? Have you ever decided to start a Qigong practice, but didn't know where to begin? Do you want to experience an authentic Qigong lineage, backed by modern science? If so, this is the course for you. In this course's theory section, you learn modern science behind how our bodies create and circulate energy. You learn how our three Dan Tian generate and store energy. You learn the contemporary anatomy that validated the presence of the acupuncture channel system. You learn how modern research explains the ancient concept of Jing (Essence), Qi (Energy), and Shen (Spirit). You also learn the fascinating science behind the Qigong mindstate of Ru Jing, and how modern science has proven the link behind how our minds connect to the environment. In this course's practical section, you learn about the fundamentals of proper Qigong posture, the three methods of proper Qigong breathing, and several basic exercises that help you create more Qi. Along with generating more Qi, you also learn how to move Qi and increase your Qi's power. Don't delay; get started today! Dr. David Lloyd, R.Ac, R.TCMP, D.Ac has been studying Qigong for 30 years and instructing for 20 years. His mission has always been to bridge classical Chinese medical theory with western science.



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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert




Course Objectives

  • Understand the Western science behind Qi.

  • Understand the Western science behind how energy circulates within the body.

  • Understand how our minds connect to the resonance of the planet while practicing Qigong.

  • Understand the fundamentals of proper Qigong posture.

  • Understand the fundamentals of proper Qigong breathing.


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