The Diagnosis, Pathology and Treatment of Heat

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This very comprehensive course deals with the aetiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of Heat syndromes. Although Heat is an extremely common syndrome in practice (more common than Cold), this topic is seldom dealt with rigorously.

Participants to this course will master the difference between Full and Empty Heat, the difference between Heat and Fire, the pathology of Damp-Heat, Phlegm-Heat, Latent Heat and of Yin Fire. The role of the Minister Fire in Heat syndromes will be discussed with particular emphasis on its emotional manifestations.

In addition, the course will present a completely original discussion of the application of the theory of the 4 Levels to the treatment of chronic Heat conditions.

Please note that the course discusses both acupuncture and herbal medicine but many of the subtle differentiations in the treatment of Heat syndromes are based on herbal medicine. However, the test will not include herbal questions.

This course consists of a 285 slide lecture with video narration, text, diagrams and photos.

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