The Treatment of Male Disorders

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This course discusses the physiology and pathology of disorders of the male genital system. While the Chinese medicine literature on gynaecology is very rich and vast, it is less so for male genital problems. This course provides the foundation for an understanding of male disorders in Chinese medicine. A special feature of the course is the interpretation of anatomical entities that are not described in the old classics such as the prostate. The course discusses the anatomy, channels and organs influencing the prostate, together with its common pathology of benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis. The main pathologies of the male genital system are discussed including that of stasis of Jing that is not commonly discussed in Chinese medicine books.

Course topics include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the male genital system in Chinese medicine

  • The channels influencing the male genital system

  • The organs influencing the male genital system

  • The nature of sperm as a form of Tian Gui and its relationship with the Kidneys

  • The influence of the Ren, Chong and Du Mai on the male genital system

  • The prostate in Chinese medicine

  • The pathology of Damp-Phlegm, Blood stasis and stasis of Jing

  • The treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • The treatment of premature ejaculation

  • The treatment of male sterility (low sperm count and sperm abnormalities)

  • The treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

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