The Big Formulas and the Big Ideas Behind Them - Course 1

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Xiao Chai Hu Tang is one of the most important formulas from the Shang Han Lun, and with over 2000 years of clinical experience behind, still one of the most widely and effectively used for a host of commonly seen ailments. This talk explores the popularity and dynamics of Xiao Chai Hu Tang, and goes beyond the usual shao yang/lingering pathogen narrative.

We expand the understanding of Xiao Chai Hu Tang from a formula used for infectious processes, into one that is capable of managing some of the most common health issues of the modern world, and the reasons for this. We will see how understanding the structure and function of XCHT, and its related group of formulas, can assist in uncovering and elucidating the causes, pathology and solutions to the problem of chronic inflammation, or persistent heat in the language of Chinese medicine.


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