Lingering Pathogens

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Persistent infection and chronic immune dysfunction are common problems in the clinic. They may be due to an unresolved or persistent viral, bacterial, amoebic or fungal infection, or the result of an immune imbalance due to an immune reaction to chemicals, chemotherapy, radiation or severe emotional trauma. Clinical experience shows that pathogens that get trapped in the body tend to be located in distinct and clearly defined locations. These locations can be precisely determined. The types of pathogens involved also tend to transform once in the body into one of only two types. The key to expelling (venting) pathogens from the body and correcting the immune dysfunction is to clearly determine the type of pathogen involved and its precise location.


This course presents an accessible and user friendly model that facilitates the analysis of the location and nature of the most commonly seen types of lingering pathogen. The model presented is based on twenty five years of clinical experience with immune problems, and is the result of drawing together and hybridizing the most clinically relevant sections of the Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage) and We Re Lun (Treatise on Warm Diseases). In the first section, the model is presented systematically, with an emphasis on the specific signs and symptoms characteristic of linger pathogens, and the specific examination techniques used to elicit them.


Each section is illustrated and the methodology reinforced by numerous cases from the presenters practice. In the second section, we will look at the special treatment strategies required to eliminate pathogens, repair any damage done, and restore balance to the body. Traditionally, the primary treatment method has been herbal, but the presenter finds that specific acupuncture protocols can be effective for some types of lingering pathogen. Specific formulas and acupuncture protocols will be discussed in detail.



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