Ht- 9

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Course Overview

This recorded webinar presents an in-depth use of Heart-9 with clinical cases. Cases demonstrating dramatic changes when using this point will be covered; conditions such as persistent migraines, depression, allergies, memory loss, etc., can all be affected when Ht-9 is applied correctly. This recorded webinar will discuss how it is helpful to understand the whole concept and usage of the ‘Jing well-point,’ as it leads to a better understanding of the relationship of the heart and Shen. This in-depth understanding will expand the learners’ clinical abilities when one is working on mind-body-spirit transformation using acupuncture. This informative recorded webinar presents the special use of this single, but very important, point.


Course Objectives

  • Use of jing-well points

  • Different acupuncture techniques: Tonifying, reducing, bleeding, and their various effects

  • The relationship between pulse presentation and the selection of acupuncture techniques

  • Understanding the concept of Shen and its relationship for memory and thinking

  • The use of a single acupuncture point for emotional transformation


Access Period: Lifetime

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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