Regulating the Immune System in TCM: Theory & Practice

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  • Plan & Provide acupuncture treatment for the immune system based on deep understanding and based in research and evidence

  • Discover the immune system in TCM

  • Widen your understanding of marrow and bone marrow in CM


  • Describe the concepts of Wei Qi, Jing Qi, Shen Qi

  • Name and discuss evidence based research of Chinese Medicine 


From Wei Qi & Ying Qi to Self and None-self, and everything in between.
The immune system is the most complex system in the body and it plays a major role in prevention, recovery and disease outcome.

In this course, Dr. Yair Maimon uses his vast experience in treating cancer patients, especially cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments, who suffer from compromised and weak immune systems, in order to build a comprehensive understanding of immunity in Chinese Medicine.

The immune system is a multilayered system, in order to grasp it in Chinese Medicine we need to go to the deep foundation of it, from Wei Qi & Ying Qi to Self and None-self, and everything in between.

The different steps in our journey will cover such aspects as the physiology of the immune system in CM, the rule of Shen and trauma, inflammation & allergies and their CM treatment, Yuan Qi, Zheng Qi, Qi Production, Post and Pre-heaven Qi.

Taking this course will widen the way you observe your patients in the clinic while deepening the roots of Chinese Medicine understanding.


Provider - TCM Academy 

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