Shen from Heaven: Wisdom from the Clinic

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  • Apply acupuncture points to treat anxiety through a deeper understanding of their functions. 

  • Explore the underlying deeper conditions of your patients

  • Connect emotional manifestations and physical symptoms for holistic healing

  • Diagnose on Shen/Heaven level

  • Experience the complexity and clinical approach in treating anxiety, through real case studies

  • Improve your diagnosis of anxiety in TCM

  • Understand the difference between fear, anxiety and depression



This unique course presents clinical cases of varying symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, panic attacks, palpitation, migraines and more. It focuses on the diagnosis and a deep approach that allows unfolding challenging cases and reaching the Shen and Heaven level when choosing the exact acupuncture points. Dr Maimon emphasis Windows of Heaven points and Shen points and their acupuncture point combinations.

This lecture also provides insight into the question of whether anxiety is always the same as fear. Often, we perceive anxiety as fear, and then the treatment strategy is focused on the Kidneys.

Through the presentation of case studies, Dr Maimon demonstrates the different clinical approaches and use of acupuncture to alleviate this presentation.

This course shares a deeper approach to utilizing acupuncture to transform emotions and life. You will understand the inner alchemy of acupuncture and how to apply it in the clinic; to achieve transformation and personal growth for our patients.

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