Treating Trauma: Shen And The Dark Side Of The Shen

This unique presentation addresses the Shen after significant trauma. Dr Maimon explains how the virtue (De) arrives from heaven, the breath and Jing are from earth and we have the heavenly part, the Shen. Individuals are defined by their Shen, “the heavenly power that gives rise to the heart and provides inspiration and is a vehicle for healing”. In this course you will learn how to build patient rapport to have access to their deeper being, their Shen state. By working on such a deep level, you will have a greater impact and longer lasting results. You can move your patients from ill health and disease, to harmony and health in few, simple treatments by working on the dark side of the Shen.

Goals of the course:

◉ Learn how to engage with a patient to build rapport and ‘create a space’ to allow an open exchange of deep or suppressed feelings
◉ Understand how the spirit may be affected by trauma – as early as a foetus in utero, and how acupuncture can be used to heal deep-rooted trauma
◉ Gain an insight into specific acupuncture points that can be used to bring about rapid changes to the Shen and help a person recovery from emotional, spiritual and physical trauma

Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand
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