Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance

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Kiiko Matsumoto Style acupuncture (KMS) has become well established as a successful acupuncture system. This approach reaches a diagnosis using palpation to find pressure pain related to root causes of health disorders, and then checks for the successful resolution of those pressure pains. Kiiko will demonstrate how the fight or fight response is related to many chronic complaints, including chronic pain, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, and more.

The course will show how to confirm this connection with palpation diagnosis, and use appropriate treatment with acupuncture. Evaluation and resolution of pressure pain on the hara, the SCM muscle, the rhomboids, and the soft tissue above the trochanter is included in ANS diagnosis and treatment. This recorded course features 9 different live cases, with clear close up camera work and written text.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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