Foot Jue and Neck Pain

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This course is divided into two parts, of about 5.5 hours each. The first part is about the Feet, the second part is about the Neck. Both are taught in Kiiko Matsumoto Style (KMS) acupuncture, with case presentations. The section on the feet explores the concept of “jue”, a concept that is heavily referred to in the classical texts as having importance beyond its inclusion in the nomenclature jue yin. Jue points that reflect the meridian zones have been located on the feet by Master Maruyama and implemented into practice in KMS. Jue points are particularly successful in treating problems in the head, and problems below the knee.

The second section of the course focuses on treating neck pain. Specific diagnostic and treatment protocols are outlined for each of the seven cervical vertebrae, and cases that include neck pain from different causes are presented and resolved.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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