Zusanli - ST 36

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ST 36 is the first acupuncture point mentioned in Ma Danyang's 12 Heavenly Star Points Song, as well as the Four Dominant Points Song and the Song of 11 Points Worth a Thousand Gold Pieces.

This course traces the indications of ST 36 from the Ling Shu through the various dynasties to the Ming Dynasty Odes and Songs, noting consistencies and novel usages. This historical profile is then compared to modern usage drawing from the consensus of 10 modern acupuncture texts from different parts of China, as well as from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, France and USA.

The physiological actions of ST 36 as shown in modern research studies are also explored.

This course is a comprehensive deep dive into one of the most famous of acupuncture points.

0 hrs - 30 min

Point location of ST 36 and Four Dominant Points Song and Ma Danyang's 12 Heavenly Star Points Song will be explored. Indications for ST 36 in Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Explanation of Channels and Points will be examined.

30 min - 1 hrs

Historical indications by clinical category will be examined including indications in 6 Ming Dynasty Odes and Songs. Historical indications will be compared and contrasted with modern indications compiled from 10 modern texts.

1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

Research on physiological actions of ST 36 will be reviewed: gastric acidity and motility, intestinal motility, nausea/vomiting, bile function, humoral mucosal immunity, anti-inflammatory actions. Historical vs modern indications will be summarised.


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