Heart and Stomach: Fire in the Digestive System

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  • Build treatment strategies with special point combinations for digestive problems with using Heart points. 

  • Create deep healing in a patient through the use of the heavenly Fire.

  • Discuss the role of the Heart and the Stomach in the digestive tract.

  • Understand the importance of the Fire in the digestive system; both the earthly Fire and the Heavenly fire. 

  • Clinically apply the understanding of this lecture: Stomach supports Heart and Heart supports Stomach and digestion.



This course speaks of the importance of Fire, especially the heavenly Fire in the digestive system. Understanding the role of the Heart in relation to the Stomach gives us a deeper perspective when looking at the core of digestive diseases. With this understanding, our more treatments are more effective and bring deep healing to the patients.

Among other approaches, Izabela Mietka shows the Heart and Stomach in the organ clock and compares their hexagrams, as a path to reaching their clinical applications; how the Stomach support the Heart in enjoying life, and how the Heart supports the Stomach and digestion.

The presentation of some case studies will support the learning process, taking it from theory to the clinic.

Provider: TCM Academy

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