Social Determinants: The Most Important Factors Effecting Premature Death

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Course Overview

Addressing Social Determinants of health, defined as inequalities in Social, Environmental and Economic conditions, according to WHO, can prevent approximately 85% of all premature deaths. Social Determinants of health are the most important aspect of medicine. The deliberate lack of focus on these underlying causes of health in standard medical education leads to unethical, harmful, and discriminatory care. This course will teach how to incorporate this essential knowledge in your clinical practice to provide dignified and equitable care.


Course Objectives

  • Individuals will be able to understand and define Social Determinants of health.

  • Individuals will understand Social Determinants of Health as the leading cause of premature death.

  • Individuals will understand how addressing Social Determinants reduces morbidity and mortality in their patients.

  • Individuals will understand that by centralising Social Determinants of heath, patients will receive more dignified and less harmful care without having to over rely on prescription drugs, the third leading cause of death.


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