Acupuncture for Insomnia: Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine TCM Academy

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  • Diagnose and treat Insomnia.

  • Apply the Eight Extraordinary vessels for diagnosis and for the regulation of sleep.

  • Recognize and interpret the movements of Wei Qi, the state of Xue-Blood, and the state of Shen-Mind/Spirit and their relation to the patient state.

  • Explain Western and Eastern physiology and pathology of sleep.

  • Identify insomnia & sleep disturbances patterns in Chinese medicine.


Decorated with anecdotes from Chinese Medicine’s history and almost 50 years of experience practicing Chinese Medicine this course covers the whole range of Insomnia.

In our modern world sleep disturbance has become an ever-increasing complaint, affecting almost 40% of the population and disturbingly a large proportion of children.

Sleep is the most representative of the body’s circadian rhythms, it becomes an excellent indicator of the inner equilibrium of yin and yang and the five substances. The Eight Extraordinary vessels, acting as inner regulators, maintain the inner balance and the adaptation to external changes.

Therefore, a detailed assessment of sleep patterns and dreams, can supply an accurate evaluation of a person’s overall psycho-energetic state.

This course has been produced from materials filmed at TAO. The TAO Congress is an international congress organized by OGKA and held in Graz, every year around September.


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