Instincts and Emotions in Chinese Medicine

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  • Develop acupuncture treatment strategies to release the emotions harmful effects.

  • Correctly identify and diagnose the emotions.

  • Analyze the notion of emotions as physiological responses to the outer world. 

  • Discover how each emotion is produced and its energetic impacts on the mind and the body.

  • Define and understand the role of the Luo≈Connecting vessels in the “Psychosocial” developments, “Personality disorders” and treatment orientations. 



The role of emotions, as internal causes of disease, have been well known in Chinese medical practice. Emotions having evolved from primary instincts, are human responses to the outer world, and depend primarily on individual mind-sets. 

The outer world is perceived through the lens of the Shen ≈ Psyche and processed by the Luo ≈ Connecting vessels.  

Understanding the energetic impact of emotions is essential in treatment management. The treatment of psycho-emotional patterns is part of treating the “Hidden Roots of Disease”. 

In this course, Dr. Hamid Montakab MD explains the function and expression of emotions; emotions as extensions of the primary instincts. He explores the role of the Luo≈Connecting vessels in the processing of the outer world and the concept of the 5 Emotions and 7 Passions.

With clinical examples & case studies he shares therapeutic strategies to release emotions; treatment of the Zang-Fu patterns, diagnostic orientations; palpation to identify the emotion.

Also discussed are description, energetic impact, Zang-fu disharmonies, and acupuncture strategies for anger, elation, worry, anxiety, sadness, oppression, fear, shock, love and passion, jealousy, hatred, vengeance, contempt, guilt, and shame.

Provider: TCM Academy

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