Memory Systems and Psychological Trauma in Chinese Medicine

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An important component of the belief mechanisms is represented by personal life experiences, in particular the traumatic events. 

When a traumatic experience has been too intense or if it has occurred prior to the full development of the limbic structures, the event is relegated to the subconscious mind; impressions and emotions are registered by Hun, the ethereal soul, physical sensations and pain are registered by Po, the corporeal soul.

These hidden programs have a major impact on the psycho-emotional expressions of the individual. Releasing these retained memories constitutes a crucial stage in the treatment of the “Hidden Roots of Disease”.

This course will deepen your knowledge of Gui≈ ghosts in Chinese medicine, their consequences, and how to treat them using tried treatment protocols.

Dr. Montakab explains the Eight Extraordinary vessels, how they relate to  psychological issues and Belief mechanisms; treatment strategies; life transitions

Using video clip demonstration and case studies you will gain a better understanding of how it is done in clinical reality

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