Traumatic Stress: Management of Physical & Psychological Trauma with Acupuncture

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  • Expand your understanding of the psyche in Chinese medicine.

  • Discover the consequences of a traumatic event from both Chinese & Western perspectives.

  • Build a comprehensive understanding of the human defense mechanisms: Jing Jin and the “Body Armours; Luo Mai; the Eight Extraordinary channels.

  • Feel comfortable with different acupuncture strategies for the management of PTSD.

  • Help your patients to transform, releasing retained energy and re-structure the belief system.


Traumatic stress, or a shock reaction, is a psychological condition arising in response to a terrifying or traumatic event, inducing an acute and strong emotional response and may develop into a condition known as “PTSD” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

In the management of acute or chronic traumatic stress with Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the aim is to release the retained energy mass from the level where it is trapped (Wei-Blood-Jing), to bring the event into consciousness (Shen) and to re-structure the belief system (Cultivation of the Mind).

This course has been produced from materials filmed at TAO. The TAO Congress is an international congress organized by OGKA and held in Graz, every year around September.

Provider - TCM Academy 

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