Traditional Japanese Moxibustion (Okyu) Therapy - Course 2

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Course Overview

In this course Paul Movsessian will cover: Introduction to general use and application of direct moxibustion: Application amount of moxa is based on the constitution of the patient and whether they are dealing with a deficient or excess condition. General Information on Moxibustion used in Direct Moxa and Special Points, History of Direct Moxa in Classical Literature, Case Studies on the use and Explanation of Direct Moxa in Hot Conditions - How Yang Moxa Can Create Yin Fluids, Research Study on Direct Moxa to treat Spleen Qi and Yang Deficiency Fatigue. Finding the Alive Point for Moxa: In Japan, the concept of living and functioning points is often ascribed to Takeshi Sawada. Points are more than anatomical landmarks; they are manifestations of a functional problem in the body. As such, they are normally dormant, becoming active when a pathological condition begins to form. Point location based solely on anatomical knowledge will be less effective than live assessment. Making Shiunko Ointment Or Purple Cloud Cream: Shiunko is used with okyu (direct moxa) to both protect the skin and to allow for the moxa to stick to the skin. Moxa Training Board And Paper For Direct Moxibustion. Okyu - Direct Moxibustion: Various styles and methods of rolling and using okyu as well as dosage of application. Taikyoku Treatment Protocol, History and Theory of Takeshi Sawada, Shimetarō Hara, and Isaburo Fukaya. Theory and various Bamboo Tubes from Fukaya and Junji Mizutani and treatment protocols.


Course Objectives

  • You will learn about okyu - direct moxibustion: from its origins in the East and its journey to the West, the many ways it is applied, dosage, adverse reactions, healing reactions, what it is used for and how, contraindications, and Special Points.

  • We will cover the historical basis of moxa in the classical literature to modern research; case studies explaining how Yang Moxa produces Yin cooling fluids; Taikyoku Whole Body Treatments, history and theory of Sawada, Dr. Hara, Fukaya and Mizutani.

  • Develop skills in: Japanese methods of rolling rice grain moxa; practice using moxa board & paper; bamboo tubes; live point location; methods of placing & extinguishing moxa; making shiunko ointment; applying Constitutional Whole Body Treatments.

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