Cardiovascular Disease Series - Course 4

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By John Nieters

Utilize bedside diagnostics that can help you discover possible signs of current and future cardiovascular disease. These can be seen through observations of the hands, fingernails, ears and facial features.

Course Overview

This course is part four of a 15-part series that will empower the participant to have a complete re-understanding of the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular disease is (unnecessarily) the #1 cause of death in the USA. Part four of this course will empower the participant with an understanding of how to perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam in their clinic and to rule out possible cardiovascular issues. Diagnostic exam will include a dozen conditions that can be detected by a visual examination of the hands and the numerous conditions that can be detected from facial coloration. Part Four course will cover: (1) Cardiovascular Diagnosis based on hands (2) Cardiovascular Diagnosis based on fingernails (3) Cardiovascular Facial and Ear Diagnostics

Course Objectives

  • Cardiovascular diagnosis based on hand examination.

  • Cardiovascular diagnosis based on fingernail examination.

  • Cardiovascular diagnosis based on facial diagnostics.

  • Cardiovascular diagnosis based on ear and overall head.

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