Incorporating Aromatherapy into Your Practice and Life

Incorporating Aromatherapy into Your Practice and Life
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By East Phillips

Learn easy ways to use essential oils in your practice and thereby increase patient satisfaction as well as improve treatment outcomes. Everything shared in this course could be applicable to your life and wellbeing as well.


Course Overview

Defining Aromatherapy, History, Essential Oils, How it Works, How Long Does it Last, Main Methods of Application, Cautions & Contraindications, Top 10 Essential Oils, Additional essential oils that are extremely beneficial, Ways to Incorporate Into Your Practice & Life, TCM and Aromatherapy with specific protocols for a variety of presentations and TCM/Zang Fu Patterns, TCM related actions of the essential oils and Additional Resources/Areas for Future Exploration.


Course Objectives

  • What exactly is "aromatherapy" including a brief history throughout time and different cultures

  • How aromatherapy works within the body. Potential side effects and/or contra-indications.

  • The most commonly used essential oils used in aromatherapy

  • Methods of application including inhalation, air diffusers, massage and/ore ingestion as well as the many ways to incorporate aromatherapy into practice.

  • Ways to incorporate aromatherapy into TCM treatments including point protocols and aromatherapy prescriptions for the various differential diagnosis.

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