Weight Management, Diets, Diabetes, & Detox

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By East Phillips

Natural Approaches for weight management, diabetes, and detoxification which include nutraceuticals, supplements, Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic Herbs, and lifestyle advice, along with strategies for coaching patients through these situations.

Course Overview

In this distant learning course, students will learn natural approaches for weight management, diabetes, and detoxification. The natural approaches will include: (1) Nutritional recommendations from food as medicine point of view (2) Supplemental recommendations (3) Herbal recommendations (Chinese, Ayurvedic, Native American, Ancestral, Western, and others) (4) Lifestyle recommendations (5) Gemstones (6) Aromatherapy In addition, specific coaching strategies for working with patients with these conditions and situations will help to improve treatment outcomes.

Course Objectives

  • Foundations of weight management, diabetes, diets, and detoxification programs including causes as well as modern approaches both mainstream and alternative.

  • Supplements, herbs, lifestyle, aromatherapy, and gemstones for weight management and diabetes.

  • Detoxification programs and supplements, herbs, lifestyle, aromatherapy, and gemstones to help with detox programs.

  • Questions and Answers.

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