Acupuncture Sports Medicine Webinar Series - Course 7

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Most acupuncture practitioners are familiar with the pain, tingling, and numbness in the palmar aspect of the hand and wrist seen in carpal tunnel syndrome. Often, it is a repetitive stress injury characterized by entrapment, compression, or irritation to the median nerve in its narrow passageway of the carpal tunnel at the wrist.

However, this webinar will attempt to honestly address the complex issues that make its treatment with acupuncture sometimes quite frustrating for both the practitioner and the patient. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common type of compressive neuropathy seen in the clinic. Local treatment starts in the region of the point Pericardium 7; however, treatment for the carpal tunnel patient is never that simple, as there are often additional factors that contribute to the condition.

Whitfield Reaves will discuss the complicated issues of carpal tunnel syndrome during this webinar, and will attempt to simplify this condition with various acupuncture sports medicine protocols.


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