Acupuncture Sports Medicine Webinar Series - Course 8

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Tennis elbow, or epicondylitis, presents with pain in the elbow at the lateral epicondyle and distally along the extensor tendon and muscles of the forearm. Usually a repetitive stress injury, it is characterized by inflammation and irritation of the forearm extensors and possibly the supinators. This is a typical sports injury, with the site of trauma occurring frequently on a yang surface (the extensors). It is much more common than medial epicondylitis, on the flexor muscle group of the yin surface. Like many overuse injuries, its onset is insidious.

There is often no specific traumatic event associated with the start of symptoms. However, the patient is predictably involved in recreational activities that require repetitive and vigorous use of the forearm muscles – like tennis and other racquet sports.

Occupational stresses, such as construction work, also result in the injury. Similarly, the effects of computer keyboarding and utilizing a mouse, can also act as a stress to the extensor group. The Large Intestine and San Jiao meridians encompass the region of the extensor muscles. However, neither of these two channels precisely encompass the lateral epicondyle. Hence, distal points may be difficult to determine, and the practitioner will need some “trick” techniques to treat this condition. As Whitfield Reaves will discuss in the webinar, the complexity of the anatomical structure of the common extensor tendon makes even local and adjacent needling more difficult than what some practitioners may want to admit.


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