Shen Series - Course 4

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Course Overview

Some patients speak directly of anxiety, depression, agitation, expressing an emotional and mental discomfort, others describe this “feeling unwell” through physical sensations such as pain, oppression, swelling, knots. In all cases it is clear that a “shen” side permeates our everyday practice. Acupuncture has attracted many of us precisely because it is a medicine which considers the person as a whole, and it seems to produce substantial effects even on the most subtle aspects. “All acupuncture methods must find their root in the shen”. This is the opening of the Zhenjiu jiayijing, the first Chinese text dedicated specifically to acupuncture, the same words of the first sentence of chapter 8 of the Lingshu. We are all well aware of the importance of psychic/emotional aspects in the disorders told by patients and this entanglement of somatic and mental/emotional signs may result into confusion and make diagnosis difficult. Some tools may be of help in the daily work with these delicate and complex patients. Diagnosis is outlined in a clear frame, with main patterns, their roots, manifestations and possible directions in which the pathology may evolve. Treatment guidelines are designed in the shape of small point combinations, used as flexible modules. Clinical cases are discussed for each pattern, with their doubts and failures, so to connect to real experience.


Course Objectives

  • Recognize sign and symptoms

  • Outline a diagnosis, identify the main patterns, their roots and possible pathological evolutions

  • Design a treatment

  • Reflect on clinical cases


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Provider: CPD Cert

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