Shen Series - Course 5

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By Elisa Rossi

Constraint yu 郁, agitation and restlessness fanzao 烦 躁, internal heat neire 内 热., running piglet qi bentunqi 奔豚气, plum pit qi meiheqi 梅核气, zangzao 脏 躁, baihebing 百合病 : madness diankuang癫 狂, as described in Classics and illustrated by 7 actual cases.


Course Overview

Sign and syndromes explored starting from the Classics and used to understand our patients and their clinical conditions. 7 clinical cases are fully described to help orientation in diagnosis and treatment. Constraint yu 郁 was said “the origin of most of illnesses” by Wang Lu (1332-1391), but already in Suwen (ch. 21) we read that “in strong people qi circulates and therefore illnesses resolve themselves. … In weak people qi becomes stuck and the result is illness.” Fanzao 烦 躁: significance of the common symptom of internal restlessness and external agitation. Internal heat neire 内热: excess of emotions transforms into heat, which consumes yin and zang and generates illness (wuzhi huare theory 五志化热) developed by Liu Wansu (1120-1200) and then Li Dongyuan and Zhu Danxi. Bentunqi 奔豚气, meiheqi 梅核气, zangzao 脏 躁, and baihebing 百合病 were described in Jingui yaolue (220 CE), now listed by modern Chinese texts as emotional illnesses. Diankuang 癫 狂: manifestations and causes of this severe mental condition according to Nanjing (ch.59) and the following traditional medical thought. A comparison with actual conventional psychiatry is depicted. Each content is explored through examples from our daily clinic, taking also into account some problematic issues concerning the therapeutic relationship.


Course Objectives

  • Explore classical signs as constraint yu 郁, fanzao 烦 躁, neire 内热.

  • Explore classical syndromes as bentunqi 奔豚气, meiheqi 梅核气, zangzao 脏 躁, and baihebing 百合病.

  • Explore the classical syndrome diankuang 癫 狂.

  • Discuss classical signs and syndromes through actual clinical cases.

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