Menstrual Related Disorders: an In-depth Discussion on PMS

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  • Get treatment protocols – when to treat and how frequently.

  • Learn the main herbal formulas and acupuncture patterns accompanying each pattern.

  • Know the key diagnostic symptoms and signs accompanying each category.

  • Discuss the physiology of the premenstrual phase.



This course discusses PMS (or more accurately “menstrual related disorder”) in a slightly unconventional fashion, expanding the phenomena away from the general TCM “liver qi stagnation” diagnosis.

It introduces new categories to define the various pathologies of PMS (digestive disorders, water metabolism, emotional aspects, heat in the blood and counter flow, and fever/cold/flu).

Keren: “This discourse is based on the wonderful work of the late Dr. Yi Tian Ni, the first of a line of influential women practitioners who have influenced and inspired me in life and in the clinic.”

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