Ethical And Safe Clinical Practice

Many countries around the world require acupuncturists to undertake compulsory training in ethics. For example, the NCCAOM has an established code of ethics that needs to be adhered to at all time. A code of ethics is a framework for approaching patient care and best clinical practice, while fulfilling legal obligations. While good conduct is a given for any health professional, the reality is that working in the community can lead to situations where the best way to proceed may not be clear.

This webinar covers a huge range of situations that an acupuncturist may face, and how to approach it – in accordance with the NCCAOM’s code of ethics.

Goals of the course:

◉ Understanding what is ethics and how it applies to Acupuncturists
◉ Understand what is required to providing an appropriate environment to practice
◉ Upskill in appropriate therapeutic boundaries
◉ Learn about best practice for equipment, supplies and sterilization
◉ Understanding confidentiality and the law

Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand
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