Abdominal Acupuncture, Put Simply, Abdominal is Phenomenal

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This webinar by Dave Shipsey, author of “Mastering the Art of Abdominal Acupuncture, a concise guide to treating numerous painful conditions”, the first English language book on this topic, will give you an insight into the reasons why abdominal acupuncture is such a powerful and yet gentle system of acupuncture.

Dave will provide you with a detailed account of this system from a theoretical basis to the practicalities of using Abdominal Acupuncture in your clinic, he will use real case histories and a demonstration to achieve this.

You will learn about the relevance of each of the three levels in Abdominal Acupuncture with special attention given to the Turtle hologram used at the heaven level. Dave will discuss why abdominal acupuncture offers such a powerful and yet gentle system of acupuncture that usually gives fast effective and long lasting results. He will discuss this from both a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), point of view and from a Western “scientific” perspective. Dave will detail the potential mechanism’s at play which will help to explain how abdominal acupuncture can potentially give such effective and at times profound results with wide and varied (therapeutic) side benefits. A detailed analysis of the importance of the “Gut Brain” or “Second Brain”’ the Triple Burner and the energetics of the abdominal area will be given to help appreciate “why abdominal is phenomenal”. Dave will give a demonstration of abdominal acupuncture in practice and you can observe various aspects of an abdominal treatment, including the “Lotus Flower”.

He will also provide a number of treatment protocols for some commonly seen painful conditions including Hip, Back neck and shoulder problems.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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