The Nectar of Plants: Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine Series - Course 2

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Course Overview

Part II - Heart & Will looks at what happens after we take in our world, begin, you could say, to make it our own. In effect, this is our inner world. Looking at emotional disorders, sleep disorders, and anxiety disorders, in the context of our relationship to our conscious selves, our emotional lives and the way these aspects affect our bodies. This section of the course explores the mechanism of ying qi, the relationship between the blood and the spirit as it manifests in our daily lives, as well as in how we sleep, in how we relate to others and how we discover who we are in our world. Ying qi is intimately connected to how comfortable we feel in our bodies and whether we can adequately respond with post-natal resources to the stresses in our lives. This section features many precious oils such as Frankincense, Neroli, Rose and Sandalwood as well as detailing the specifics for safe and effective use of all essential oils. You'll learn to use these essential oils to calm the spirit, ease the stresses of life and build capacity for healthy interaction, opening the heart and focusing the will in service of peace, contentment and spiritual alignment.


Course Objectives

  • Articulate the basic theory and practice of using essential oils from Chinese medical perspective.

  • Discuss the unique properties of essential oils including use of notes, effects on the spirit and their relationship with essence.

  • Understand and discuss the relationship between wei qi, ying qi and yuan qi as a framework for post-natal life dynamics.


Access Period: Lifetime

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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