Three Essences Integration – Bringing it all together!

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Three Essences Integration – Bringing it all together!
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Course Overview

You are sitting at home with your cup of tea to regulate your body’s Qi, as you mindfully absorb the beauty of nature around you in your favourite feel-good spot, on a day where you chose to take this time for yourself. You just practiced the harmony of the Three Essences at a simple level. The Three Essences are the ancient Chinese metaphysics concept of the unity and harmony of man and natural law – Heaven – Tiān 天, Earth – Dì 地, and Humankind - Rén 人. This concept can be applied and seen in various aspects of our life, such as the timing and destiny of Astrology (our energetic DNA), human influences, and Feng Shui (environmental harmony). Doctors of ancient China would work with all Three Essences to align a patient’s energetic constitution. This would be done by balancing with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, recommending appropriate lifestyle choices and advising on optimal Feng Shui. You know that energy exists in all things. Open the door a little more and discover how energy can be integrated even more so with each other. Discover the synthesis of the Three Essences (Sān Cái 三才) with some simple starter tips and case examples. Learn some additional basic Feng Shui concepts you can implement right away in your practice and your life.


Course Objectives

  • Contextualize Astrology, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine, Ba Gua, Five Elements/Phases, and Yin/Yang within the history of Chinese Metaphysics and culture, and with respect to its relationship to each other.

  • Outline the concepts of Three Essences (Sān Cái 三才) - Heaven, Earth and Humankind and its interrelationship.

  • Contextualize and understand Feng Shui, its development, history in Chinese metaphysics and culture, and utilization.

  • Learn and understand some basic foundational principles of Feng Shui in land and form design, and its use in the present day as well as its integration in calculated environmental eharmony.

  • Apply the basic principles of Feng Shui in general land and form design, calculated environmental harmony, and case examples.

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