Botox and Depression


We have several strong forces at play in our communities; an aging population, increase in accessibility to cosmetic services and a dominating cosmetic industry that promotes the use of botox – a drug from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum to paralyze facial muscles and temporarily alleviate the appearance of wrinkles. A safer alternative is acupuncture. By treating the glabellar crease or "frown line", acupuncture can improve people's mood and feeling of well being. In this course you will learn the psycho-emotional aspects of people seeking cosmetic treatment and how the face can be used as a microsystem for treating depression. This course offers you new skills to enhance your outcomes for depression and other complex conditions.

Goals of the course:

◉ Gain an insight into the psycho-emotional aspects of people seeking cosmetic treatment

◉ Learn how to incorporate facial acupuncture into your practice to enhance your outcomes across a wide range of conditions

◉ Help your patients achieve a high level of confidence and vitality – without the use of botox which carries high risks and frequent re-dosing

◉ Understand how facial acupuncture can help a patient overcome feelings of depression


Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand

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