Advanced Channel Theory

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Don't guess! Don't needle locations that "might" be helpful. Know where the channel Qi is blocked or running amok, and correct it directly! Direct perception of the Channel Qi is one of the most accurate methods of determining the exact location of underlying disharmony, and makes obvious the exact location for needling in order to treat an individual's disease or pain. When you can feel channel Qi directly, you realize the literal meaning of "One channel attacking another," or "The channel diverges," and "Go through, no pain." Learn why in this class.

This class will also explain how a cure for an "incurable" illness, Parkinson's disease, was discovered: via detecting a particular pattern of Rebellious channel Qi and realizing that this channel aberration is normal during shock or near-death trauma. Only by knowing where the channel has gone awry can one efficiently, elegantly, be certain of bringing the channel Qi flow back to "harmony," restoring health.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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