Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations - Course 1

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You can know exactly where to place acupuncture needles, and why. Learn to detect, with your hands, the exact location of Channel Qi aberrations - the root of all mental and physical illness. Then discover specific styles of needle insertion that directly restore correct Channel flow at the point of the aberration – as opposed to hit-or-miss, hope-for-the-best treatments. Channel Qi aberrations, classically referred to as “Channel Qi Doesn’t Go Through,” are the energetic drivers behind all health problems.

Channel Qi blockages occur in highly specific, individualized locations – and you can detect these with your hands. These blockages force the Channel Qi into aberrant patterns, which then lead to compromised health. Stubborn physical or emotional blockages are only rarely diminished by distal-point or “indicated point” treatments. But when you breach these Channel Qi obstructions by strategic needling in the exact vicinity of the blockage, instantaneous healing often ensues. You already have an innate ability to detect Channel Qi. Develop it.

Please note: It is highly recommended you complete at least one of these prerequisite items prior to completing this course: Watch a 1-hour recording of Janice's Advanced Channel Theory presentation and/or read the first 4 chapters of Tracking the Dragon, by Janice Walton-Hadlock. Registrants of this course should also try feeling Channel Qi prior to the course so that they have a sense of their ability.


Access Period: Lifetime

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert


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