Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations - Course 2

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“First inspect the channels, separating and following...then adjust them accordingly” – Su Wen In this Level Two class, you will fine-tune the skills you learned in Level One, where you learned to follow the Channel Qi: Here you will learn to separate them, distinguishing between the various types of channel Qi. Liver channel Qi gives off a very different signal than Spleen channel Qi. Kidney Channel Qi feels different from the Liver or the Spleen.

Once you have even a mild sense for “following” the Channel Qi, you can quickly learn to tell the channels apart! You'll learn to trust yourself when you feel unusual channel behaviors – such as Du Channel Qi responding to a blockage by floating up out of the body and into thin air – and understand why the patient with this pattern has profound deficiency symptoms that don’t respond to the usual tonics or stimulation. Please note that Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations - Course 1, Level 1 is a prerequisite to this course.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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