Hacking Chinese Medicine - Course 2

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Qi is a code word. It can take years for a student of Chinese medicine to begin to understand all the variations and permutations implied by the word “Qi”. Even so, many practitioners of Chinese medicine fling this word at their patients. The imprecise and even incorrect use of the word “Qi” can lead to grave concerns on the part of patients who go home frightened by their “Qi deficiency” or puzzled about their “Stagnant Qi.”


By learning the ancient roots of this word, by reviewing the derivative forms of this word (Gu Qi, Zhong Qi, and so on), a practitioner can be reminded of ways to communicate with his patient in a manner that isn’t mystical or alarming. By putting key Chinese medical words into English – and by knowing the historical origins of these words and understanding what they actually meant historically as well as in light of western understanding of physics – a practitioner can come up with far more helpful treatment plans, and also empower his patient.


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