Intrinsic Asthma and a Blockage in the Bladder Channel: An Introductory Talk

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By Janice Walton-Hadlock

When Bladder channel blockage prevents activation of sympathetic mode, which requires use of the Bladder channel divergence, the mammalian dive reflex, the body's "other" emergency behavior, automatically kicks. Asthma IS the mammalian dive reflex.


Course Overview

Intrinsic (non-allergy) asthma is well-treated using Chinese Medicine. By holding your hand over the channels and sensing the channel aberrations in the Bladder and/or Kidney channels, you can know the location of the crucial blockage(s). This course explains the underlying cause and the treatment of intrinsic asthma, aka exercise-induced asthma. In all cases seen thus far in our asthma research projects, the asthma was caused by the failure of channel Qi to reach the adrenal glands via the Kidney channel. The most common source of this failure occurs along the Urinary Bladder channel. When sympathetic mode's adreanline increase is not able to occur, due to channel blockages in either the Bladder or Kidney channel, the body uses a secondary Emergency Mode system: the mammalian dive reflex. The physiology of the mammalian dive reflex, in which the throat is closed off and mucus lines the airways, is identical to the physiology and symptoms of intrinsic asthma. This introductory talk covers the changes in channel qi flow that *should* occur in the Bladder and Kidney channels in response to an increased need for oxygen, how the body’s failure to make these changes leads to intrinsic asthma, and an introduction to the subject of learning how to feel the flow of the channels. For a more in-depth course on treating intrinsic asthma, consider taking the 4-hour course: "Intrinsic Asthma's underlying cause and treatment, with case studies and in-depth details"


Course Objectives

  • Learn why a Bladder channel blockage can cause asthma.

  • Learn what is meant by "Bladder Channel Divergence", and when the divergence kicks in.

  • Learn why intrinsic asthma and the mammalian dive reflex are one and the same.

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