Diagnosis 101

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By Ward Willison

A good diagnosis is the absolute key to getting patients "well". Well patients are the best advertisement and will get you a full clinic. You will learn a practical system to take all that diagnostic data and make a successful treatment strategy.


Course Overview

Success in clinic comes from excellent diagnosis, skill in treatment and patients get “well”. Patients that have become “well” talk, they talk to everyone everywhere. That results in your success. Ask a senior practitioner in a full practice how much they advertise. It is zero as they are always full from patient referrals. The challenges in diagnosis are many. If the patient had a solution for their problem they would not be seeing you. Therefore you must understand they will not have all the information you need to solve their problems. You will need to discover and figure out what is relevant and how to use it. You will learn that structure in this course. Starting with Listening, the power of listening to a patient’s story is profound. How to use their words to build trust and also recognizing what they left out of their story can be key. Diagnostic looking, “the skilled doctor can tell the patient had their gallbladder removed, before they take off their heavy winter coat.” I show how to look and feel as someone walk, stand, sit and lay and what to do with that information. Diagnostic touch, being able to feel tensions in a person and understand how that affects the whole structure is vital. Pulse taking is likely the biggest advantage to our medical system. A 101 system to take pulses and use that information, along with several case examples from mild to wild. Diagnostic questions, if they are not getting better you forgot to ask something and more...


Course Objectives

  • Learn how to take pulses and chart them.

  • Learn how to question, look, listen and assess a patient creating your diagnostic data.

  • How to take the diagnostic data and build a treatment strategy.

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