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Student to Master: Tui Na the Art DVD

Student to Master: Tui Na the Art DVD

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Tuina is a deep tissue massage which can rejuvenate, energise, mobilise, relax and repair. That is why it is a popular choice of massage for stress, injury and disease.

Student to Master lasts two hours and twenty minutes. There is a menu with chapters so you can easily view the sections most relevant to your study. A variety of subjects are covered, including many different hand techniques fundamental to Tuina, Sports Massage and Da Tuina (a Tuina operation).

The DVD is an ideal teaching aid to all students of Tuina who wish to attain a level of practice which is as high as the accepted level in China.

The making of Tuina student to master has taken many years. It began with me learning the massage in Hang Zhou, Zhe jiang, China where I searched for top Doctors from whom I could learn my sincere thanks goes to many of the doctors for their patience including: Dr Jiang, Dr Mao, Dr Ni, Dr Wu, Dr Li, Dr ye, Dr Huang, Dr Sun and professor Fan. These are just some of the Doctors who gave their time and knowledge unselfishly.

Tuina student to master demonstrates many of the hand techniques used for tuina massage for example Gun fa, Tui fa, Yi qi chan, Rou fa, Yao fa, Ba shen fa. Mo fa, Dou fa.

The DVD features Doctors and practitioners demonstrating tuina massage. The harder techniques to perform are covered in more detail on DVD, allowing you to practice whilst following the techniques on screen.

One of my favourite sections on the DVD is the Da tuina. This is a operation in tuina performed in a operating theatre in China. Da tuina demonstrates a high level of practice and illustrates the immense concentration required by Doctors undertaking this type of operation.

The DVD lasts 2 hours 20 mins and covers the key aspects of tuina therapy. An interactive menu system enables you to easily browse the DVD and view the sections most relevant to your current study. There are many sections on the DVD that will help any practitioner or student of massage and will continue to be of benefit to them after they qualify.

Some of the hospitals in Hang Zhou recommend the DVD to students to view before they commit to long time study in China.

Whether you practice Chinese, Japanese, Swedish or Tai massage, this DVD will be of interest as the techniques are universal, only the application may differ.


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  1. Various hand techniques (allowing you time to practice while watching) including actions and indications.
  2. Massage routines performed.
  3. An insight into the practice of Tuina in China.
  4. A routine on the joints appropriate for sports injuries.
  5. A view into some of the other therapies used by a Tuina practitioner: cupping, heat lamps and traction.
  6. A view on Chinese culture.
  7. Da Tuina. A Tuina operation showcasing the different levels which Tuina is performed in hospitals in China.
  8. How Tuina is used in a practising clinic with real patients.
  9. ... and of course the testimonials.


AuthorErrol Dexter Lynch

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