TCM Study Guide Series: Herbology Vol 1

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This is the first of two volumes in the TCM Study Guide Series devoted to herbology. It contains 3,500 multiple-choice questions about Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Herbal Formulas. These questions are grouped by function and are further grouped by syndrome. Answers to all of the questions can be found at the back of the book.
The questions in this book are designed to improve the reader's ability to analyze health problems and make sound judgments within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is intended as a tool to help readers better understand and review the knowledge in TCM texts. Any serious student of Traditional Chinese Medicine will find it useful. It will be of particular interest, however, to teachers and students at TCM academies and to professionals preparing for board exams.


The first volume in this study guide series (Acupuncture) was reviewed in The Journal of Chinese Medicine five years ago. Now these two further volumes (Diagnostics and Herbology) are offered with the same general format, namely several thousand self-testing questions on a) diagnostics and b) herbs and formulas, from the relatively easy to the downright difficult. The main sources for both books are the standard teaching materials used in traditional medical colleges in China, but they have been adapted for western readers by a) checking against a variety of English language reference texts, and b) being presented in multiple choice question format, to match the method of testing most commonly used in the USA. Although designed to assist students preparing for certification exams in the USA, as self-study and self-testing manuals these books would be valuable for any student or studying practitioner. The answers to all the questions are given in the back of the books ' no cheating now!

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Shi Cun Wu

Kang Tai Press Inc, 2000

318 pages


Author Shi Cun Wu
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Kang Tai Press
Number of Pages 336
Book Format Softback
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