Battlefield Acupuncture

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The Battlefield Acupuncture technique was created by Dr. Richard Niemtzow (Col [ret] USAF) for the purpose of
rapid pain relief in 2001. The technique incorporates the use of ASP indwelling auricular needles that are placed
in a specific order at five distinct locations on each ear. The points used are Cingulate Gyrus, Thalamus, Omega
2, Point Zero and Shenmen. Not every treatment utilises all the points as placement depends on the patient’s
response. ASP needles are quick and easy to insert and the technique can easily be incorporated into a busy
practice. Non-acupuncturist physicians can be taught this technique which has shown promise for use in the
outpatient and inpatient setting.
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Author Heather Pickett
JCM Issue JCM96-14
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