What Is the Mechanism of the Therapeutic Effects of Moxibustion

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In this article the use of moxa, a herb used as part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, is reviewed from the perspectives of TCM and modern science. Modern research is assessed to consider whether whether there is synergy between its findings and the traditional rationale for the therapeutic benefits of moxa. There is found to be significant alignment between modern scientific research and the TCM rationale for the use of moxa. The properties of heat, acridity and bitterness as described in TCM sources seem to correlate with heat, infrared and smoke as understood by modern science. It could be considered that the benefits of moxa are derived from the combination of these properties. There is a strong rationale for performing further research to provide more robust and valuable data on this subject.
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Author Alice Douglas
JCM Issue JCM 122/46
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