The Yin and Yang of Fats and Cooking Oils

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Chronic disease, obesity, inflammatory and allergic disease have become so common that they are on the verge of being normalised. It is no longer unusual for patients to be on several medications at a time, often for years or even their whole lives. What is behind this epidemic of poor health? In this article we suggest that the answer to the vicious circle of chronic disease and long-term medication lies in our nutrition, in particular a significant change in our selection of cooking oils and fats, which is perhaps the most deleterious dietary shift of the last fifty years. In this article we document this shift and how it is implicated in a wide range of health problems characterised by oxidative stress, inflammation, insulin resistance and nutritional deficiency. We also explain how improper diet leads to pathology according to Chinese medicine theory. We conclude with a short list of simple dietary changes supported by both modern scientific research and traditional Chinese medical theory that can be used to promote health and prevent disease.

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Author Peter Torssell and Velia Wortman
JCM Issue JCM130
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